Bottle of Amorous Radiance Fairy Dust
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  • Bottle of Amorous Radiance Fairy Dust
Price: $9.99
Brand: Fairy Dust
Product Code: FDV01-AR
Availability: In Stock

"If true love's bond seems absent or elusive, Amorous Radiance makes the other most conducive."

Fairy Dust is a magical substance that is the pure embodiment of the fairy world. Every Fairy Dust color has a special meaning and purpose. The Fairy Dust item you have chosen contains Amorous Radiance Fairy Dust. Amorous Radiance Fairy Dust will help bring a wish for Love into the world wherever you sprinkle it!

Each 2" glass bottle contains genuine Fairy Dust, and has a removable cork. Assembled in the USA from imported parts.

Authentic Fairy Dust is only available from Fairy Dust Shop. Please do not accept Fairy Dust imposters which are merely powerless glitter substitutes. Fairy Dust is an officially licensed brand and we are overseen by the fairy council to ensure the quality and integrity of our items.  Every Fairy Dust item comes with a certificate of authenticity.   Fairy Dust... sprinkle the magic!

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